Beyond Your Brain

Discover The 5 Keys My Clients Use To Unlock Trauma In Their Bodies

  • MASTER YOUR NERVOUS SYSTEM to become centered, self-regulated and empowered so you can finally live life as your true self
  • DISCOVER THE ROOT CAUSE OF HEALTH ISSUES such as chronic pain and fatigue, digestive issues, autoimmune conditions, and anxiety so you can get relief when conventional medical approaches fall short
  • LEARN WHERE TRAUMA ORIGINATES FROM, how your body stores it and the core skills that are essential to healing it so that you can become more present and creative without the limitations of fear, pain and anxiety

I think the information is so incredibly helpful and a viewpoint that I have NEVER been able to conceptualize, let alone implement within myself or with clients. It is actually astonishing, because I have always been so intertwined with my physical self as an athlete and also as someone that works professionally with the body, but now realize, I have always been so disassociated with the connection of cognition/nervous system and the felt sense/embodied experience at the same time.

Lauren DeCicco, Doctor of Physical Therapy