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How To Release The Emotional Roots of Pain and Tension From Your Body

Learn the three core skills required to finally let go of old traumas, blocked emotions and limiting beliefs that are holding you back by causing pain and tension and zapping your energy.

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Thursday, January 30th

5:00 PM EST, 4:00 PM CST, 2:00 PST

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During this free class, you will learn… 

The science behind how we store stress in our muscles and cells  

Why talk therapy doesn’t address the biological roots of trauma...and what actually works

The three essential tools that you must learn to permanently heal stress and trauma that are at the root of physical pain and tension

...and more! 

Meet Sukie

Posture and Movement Specialist Founder at 

With fifteen years of experience in clinical practice, Sukie Baxter is an expert at helping people to heal pain, stress and tension in their bodies so that they can experience more freedom in their lives. She is the author of Perfect Posture for Life and the founder of, an online informational site for healthy posture, movement and aging.  

Sukie has traveled the world to study with masters in mindful movement, integrative bodywork, trauma healing, strength and conditioning, shamanism and energy medicine. Blending elements from all of these disciplines, Sukie developed her signature Nerve Method™ to free people from the stress and trauma that form the deep roots of pain and tension. The Nerve Method™ offers a non-surgical, drug-free alternative approach to alleviating pain.  

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