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Make Magic. Heal Your Heart. Heal The World.

The Nerve Apprenticeship Is...

Tools For Working With Trauma In Your Own Body & With Clients

Understanding Of How Stress & Trauma Are Stored In The Body

Somatic Language To Use With Clients Without Triggering Resistance

The Nerve Apprenticeship Is Not...

Mental Health Counseling

Treatment For Medical Conditions



The Investment For Lifetime Access Is $4,000

The value of the resources in the Apprenticeship on their own: $14,100.

Here’s how it breaks down:

Nerve Core Curriculum: $6,000

12 sensory embodiment Study Sessions alongside more than 40 practices and exercises to ground neuro-plastic healing into your cells.

Ongoing Access To Live Mentorship & Guidance: $3,600

Coaches conduct regular live community gatherings where you can ask questions and get support for your own journey as well as strategies for implementing these tools in your unique practice.

Growing Compendium Of Healing Wisdom: $2,000+

More than 50 hours of valuable healing wisdom with topics spanning trauma healing, releasing blocked emotions from the body, plantar fasciitis, post surgical recovery, chronic pain, fear and panic, chronic illness, practical application of nervous system approaches, autism and sensory processing, how to become who you really are and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Neural Alchemy Training: $500

A repeatable ritual for nervous system transfiguration that can be applied to any type of client session (group, individual, virtual, in person, etc) independent of modality to achieve consistent client transformations.

Nerve Resiliency Spectrum: $500

This training provides a key to decipher the healing process and is an excellent resource for those who are stuck or work with people who are stuck on their healing journey despite knowing and doing All The Things™. We cover the various levels or zones of resilience, how they relate to a person's real-world lived experience, how to get people the right resources at the right time and the best strategies for increasing nervous system resilience based on where a person is at in this particular moment.

Autism And Sensory Processing Disorder Class: $500

Presented by queer, autistic sexuality educator Jack Duroc-Danner (they/them he/him), this class addresses the question of autism, and provides a deep dive into the senses and sensory processing disorder. Jack has been working as a sexuality educator and autism advocate with therapists, professionals and parents or caregivers for four years.

Listing In Our Practitioner Directory $1,000

We get weekly requests for practitioners who are versed in our methods. Every practitioner who completes the full Nerve Apprenticeship is eligible to be listed in our practitioner directory which is available for public viewing to our audience of 200,000 people (and growing). This alone can fill your practice!

All of this along with forever access to an alliance of likeminded healing magicians: Priceless!

That comes to $14,100 total, available inside the Nerve Apprenticeship for a single payment of $4,000.

Let's Make Magic Together!*

*Wand not required. Unicorn optional.


"Sukie is a unique blend of being completely knowledgeable and nerdy about how what we hold in our bodies affects our life, while also bringing magic and easy to understand communication. If you are looking for a different conversation about healing, Sukie is your coach."

Sarah Schneider

Executive Coach

"Sukie does a phenomenal job of explaining complex topics in a way that makes sense."

Tim Ringgold

Speaker, Author & Music Therapist

"I'm glad I signed up. I would have paid double what I paid."

Kelly Renée Stoneham

Neuro Coach

"What I really appreciate about this program is that you always direct us back to our own wisdom."

Giselle De Avellar

Nerve Apprenticeship Student

"The greatest surprise was that I really started to heal and free myself. I came for the tools and techniques, and stayed for the happiness during the apprenticeship and somatic explorations. And also for the kind people and the 'less is more' approach. And the journey has not finished."

Nerve Student

"This essentially for me was training on connecting to my heart, my soul, my body and being present. Any time I went into a session with Sukie, just her presence and her comfortableness with the uncomfortable immediately created a safe place for me."

Sarah Rugh

"Sukie Baxter is a woman with an incredible heart and wisdom beyond her years. She has an amazing ability to focus entirely on the person she is with, listen carefully to him or her and respond in a way that encourages confidence and growth."

Coventry Jankowski

"This program has been a game changer for me. As I navigate my way through the material, I sense an awakening within me."

Patricia O'Neill
Alexander Technique Teacher

Professor Of Voice Emeritus

The Path Will Support You Once You Are On It