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Learn how to release blocked emotions in the body so that you're able to create consistently magical results and potent client breakthroughs.

Coming Fall of 2021



"There have been some events, like these past 2 weeks, that I really believe if I hadn’t been doing the exercises, I would be in a much different place… in my experience there were a few things- I could feel the activation starting… but it came to a wall. Whereas before it would have affected me for weeks, or made me sick to my stomach… I came down pretty quickly, and I slept, there was no insomnia, where as before, in the same  situations it would have been much different. This is not a fluke; this is for real. What you do is truly priceless and NEEDED."

Erin O'Donnell, Nerve Student

I've been talking a lot about this program. Like, every week it comes up and how much I'm getting out of it. When I signed up, I had two goals. One of them was just to have more information to be able to give myself more grace as I'm working through some stuff.

And the second one was to start really tuning in and paying attention to my body and connecting to my body more. I think honestly, if I had known there were all these exercises, I probably wouldn't have signed up because I would have thought that it was too much for me. That being said, I'm glad I didn't know. And I'm glad I signed up. I would have paid double what I paid.

I haven't been doing the exercises, but what I'm noticing is that I've gotten both of the things that I wanted coming into this. I have been paying more attention to my body. I am getting more than I expected from this program, even without doing the exercises.

There's so much richness here, even without them, like, just showing up for the modules, just showing up for the community sessions and knowing that we have access to go back and do those other things later is just, it's just been really lovely for me.

Kelly Renée Stoneham, Neuro Coach

"What I really appreciate about this program is that you always direct us back to our own wisdom. I didn’t realize how out of tune I was with my body until you came into my life. With your practices… I have noticed that there is much more happening, there’s much more movement… I can notice things much more, I can notice where my stomach is, I can hear the noises inside my body, and until a year ago, I didn’t even know I had a hernia. The pain was swallowing me for years, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I started looking for healing from the hernia, but the hernia is much more than just a hernia, it is this area that is not breathing properly, lots of emotional problems in one disease."

Giselle de Avellar, Nerve Apprenticeship Student

"Sukie is a unique blend of being completely knowledgeable and nerdy about how what we hold in our bodies affects our life, while also bringing magic and easy to understand communication.

As an executive coach I am always interested in understanding more ways to support my clients and I often stop engaging with content if what I am learning is to text book speak or if it is too woo woo. Sukie blends all of it into a format that is easy to digest and fun to engage with. If you are looking for a different conversation about healing, Sukie is your coach."

Sarah Schneider, Executive Coach