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Learn how to release blocked emotions in the body so that you're able to create consistently magical client results and potent breakthroughs on demand.


Healers, We Have A Problem...

Like you, I got into healing work because I felt its magic -- and I wanted to share that magic with others.

Over fifteen years, I built myself a thriving healing business booked solid with happy clients who raved about their "miracle" results.

On the outside, everything looked great.

But secretly, I was frustrated, exhausted and edging toward burnout.

Over and over again, my clients came to me as refugees from a one-size-fits-all medical approach.

I was helping people, sure. But it felt a lot like trying to bail out the Titanic with a teaspoon.

And then the pandemic happened.

Like many others, I shuttered my practice to protect the health of my patients and community.

The break gave me time to think, and I realized that I had a choice:

I could continue to serve my clients the same way as I always had or use this opportunity to innovate and find a new way to work with people -- one that had a much bigger impact.

I knew that I had a passion and a commitment to make life magical for my clients...but how?

What was the BEST way to help people experience consistent results and potent breakthroughs?

I Went On A Search For Creative Solutions.

Even though my clients were getting amazing results from working with me one on one, I knew that we could do better.

I didn't want my clients to be dependent on me for results. I wanted them to "own" the work so they could experience lasting transformation.

But there was one big problem:

I don't own your nervous system.

Just like a nutritionist can't eat food for you and a running coach can't train for you, the only person who can change your nervous system is YOU.

I saw a need for people to learn the principles behind embodied transformation and healing.

So, I started a program to teach my clients these tools so they could apply them in their own lives.

And what happened totally shocked me...

I discovered that 80% of students in the program were healers themselves who were looking for support and education on their own embodied healing journey.

That's when the Nerve Apprenticeship really took shape.

I realized that there is a huge need for education around the neurobiological magic of embodied healing -- the type of training I wish I'd had twenty years ago when I started on this learning expedition of putting all the pieces together myself.

But most importantly...

As healers, we have the power and positioning to be part of a collective solution -- a solution to a healing model that is broken, outdated and quite frankly doing a LOT of harm.

This is your chance to learn to wield the magic of deep human transformation -- not just because it's fun (although it is) but to fight the darkness in the world.

To fight off the demons and dementors that keep humans feeling sad, sick and stuck.


The Nerve Apprenticeship



"Sukie is a unique blend of being completely knowledgeable and nerdy about how what we hold in our bodies affects our life, while also bringing magic and easy to understand communication.

As an executive coach I am always interested in understanding more ways to support my clients and I often stop engaging with content if what I am learning is to text book speak or if it is too woo woo. Sukie blends all of it into a format that is easy to digest and fun to engage with. If you are looking for a different conversation about healing, Sukie is your coach."

Sarah Schneider, Executive Coach

Imagine The Magic You Could Wield If You Had Access To...


12 stages of embodied nervous system healing with built in “study sessions” and embodiment practices.


Opportunities to learn the alchemy behind deep personal transformation so you can apply them with flexibility to any modality, methodology or client problem.


Consistent mentorship and support throughout the process.


Self-paced learning so you never feel pressured by a timeline to mastery.


An alliance of like-minded healing magicians who are focused on supporting and encouraging one another.


A safe place for all healing magicians who believe in diversity and inclusion.


A brief synopsis of what we'll be covering in each module within the Nerve Apprenticeship.


The Neurobiology of Worthiness

We'll look at the biology of safety, dignity and connection, how we get stuck in unhealthy neural patterns and why they're so hard to change even when we want to.


Clearing Out The Clutter

We'll cover the science of how your body stores stress and trauma and learn body-based processes for discharging blocked emotions in the nervous system.


Developing Sensory Skills

Learn the difference between felt sense and emotional feeling (and why this is crucial for whole person healing). Develop the skill of sensory tracking that foundational for nervous system healing.


Rally Your Resources

Learn why resources are essential for developing a felt sense of safety and how to switch your nervous system from an activated to a resting state. Discover which resources are available and effective for you.


Exhale Your Emotions

Learn how to work with your breath to release nervous system stress, blocked emotions and stored traumas in your body. Use exploratory breath practices to find your own internal restrictions.


Reflect and Revisit

For pausing, settling in, assessing any holes or gaps in your progress and reviewing any material that was particularly potent.


Grounding Support Into Your Cells

Discover your triggers and how not to become ungrounded by embodying support in your nervous system. Discharge the fight or flight response frozen in your muscles.


Free Your Core

Explore stress and trauma stored in your deep core that results in locked up muscles, back pain, digestive issues, pelvic floor problems and feelings of anxiety.


Infuse Desire Into Your Cells

Reconnect with joy and passion in your life. Make the switch from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation in order to prevent future dysregulation in your nervous system.


Enter Into The World

Explore your nervous system activation patterns as you take them out in the world. How does your nervous system respond to a changing environment and connecting with other people? What triggers and resources do you uncover?


Playing With Power

Learn how certain postures and movement boost positive brain chemistry. Explore Power Moves as an embodied way to reclaim lost power and further discharge trauma from your nervous system.


Putting The Pieces Together

Learning how everything you've covered so far inside the Nerve Apprenticeship fits together into a principle-based healing protocol.

The Nerve Apprenticeship


"I enjoyed one amazing day during which I felt better than I ever have in my adult life! It was after doing the Myofascial Release For Back Pain, and Psoas Release combined with the Nerve Program exercises over a period of a few days. I felt so good that when I went for a walk with a neighbor I felt buoyant, light and present. I had no pain or anxious feelings.

I suffered severe injury to my acl over a decade ago and it reduced my ease with walking on slippery surfaces as well as running. However, on this special day, when my neighbor and I walked down a muddy, slippery path, I moved with ease down the slope, trusting my body to adapt to the nuance of movement necessary without a sense of panic. As I was doing this I could barely believe how comfortable I was. his was truly a break through experience for me. AMAZING!!!!"

Nerve Student (Anonymous)

About Sukie.

I’m Sukie Baxter and I’m an Embodiment Coach with more than fifteen years of experience working with clients to help them release pain and trauma from their bodies — and their hearts.

Like you, I came into healing work as part of my own journey. Years ago, I stumbled into a bodywork session that had a massive impact on my mental and emotional health, and I was hooked. That one session sent me on an almost two-decade journey to understand who we are as humans, why we hold onto stress and trauma, and -- most importantly -- how we change.

Fast forward to today, I help coaches and healing professionals to learn and embody the principles for neurobiological change so that they can get consistent client results and build a thriving healing business that allows them to live life on their own terms.



How long is the program?

The Nerve Apprenticeship is self paced, so you can work through it in a way that honors your own rhythm of change. You retain access to the materials and support for the life of the program.

What's included in the Nerve Apprenticeship?

The Nerve Apprenticeship has twelve modules which when combined form the foundation of an embodied healing protocol centered around nervous system healing. Each module contains a "study session" that lays down the information and theory for that topic followed by embodied practices to enable you to get personal, tangible experience with the material. There is also a weekly community gathering via Zoom where you can ask questions, connect with others, learn and get support for your Nerve experience.

How do I know this program is for me?

The Nerve Apprenticeship is for coaches and healers who want a better understanding of how embodied thoughts, beliefs and emotions shape our physical and mental experience. Many students come to this program having learned and tried a variety of methods and modalities in the past that almost got them to where they wanted to be but ultimately something was missing. This program is also wonderful if you're looking to tune into and connect with your body more. The ultimate goal of the Nerve Apprenticeship is to empower you to live your bold, limitless life with nerve. If that sounds like something you want, we'd love to invite you into our community.

What is your No-Backsies Policy?

No Backsies means once you're in, you're in. We do not offer refunds on the Nerve Apprenticeship. This is not designed to trap you in a program that you don't like, but rather to hold you (and us!) accountable to your commitment to healing -- we can't commit to you unless you commit to you.

Over the years, we have found that when dealing with deep nervous system rewiring, many people become subconsciously triggered and use avoidance of the work -- being too busy, to overwhelmed, etc -- as a way to escape the uncomfortable process of healing. The No Backsies policy helps you to be absolutely sure that this is the program for you and we are the people for you before you make your decision.

And if you're not ready, no problem! We've got tons of resources available for free on our YouTube channel and in our Pain Free At Any Age program to get you started on Nerve Light. We'll see you inside the full Apprenticeship if and when you're ready!

Life's Not All Rainbows And Unicorn Farts, But That Doesn't Mean It Can't Be Magical AF.

As healers, we are uniquely positioned to create healing magic not only for ourselves and our clients, but for society as a whole. If you've ever dreamed of being a superhero, the time to claim your magic is now. Will you accept this challenge?



Sukie Baxter is a woman with an incredible heart and wisdom beyond her years. She has an amazing ability to focus entirely on the person she is with, listen carefully to him or her and respond in a way that encourages confidence and growth. I was not surprised to find my body responding quickly and positively. What did surprise me, however, was my mental response. Not only did I become completely relaxed and calm during my session, but I found myself much more present and accepting of myself. Being around Sukie makes me want to be a better person. I would recommend her to anyone I know.

Coventry Jankowski, client

"There have been some events, like these past 2 weeks, that I really believe if I hadn’t been doing the exercises, I would be in a much different place… in my experience there were a few things- I could feel the activation starting… but it came to a wall. Whereas before it would have affected me for weeks, or made me sick to my stomach… I came down pretty quickly, and I slept, there was no insomnia, where as before, in the same  situations it would have been much different. This is not a fluke; this is for real. What you do is truly priceless and NEEDED."

Erin O'Donnell, Nerve Student

"For me, I already was well versed in how life was limited. The only thing I had to lose was my pain and the gains (freedom, hope, mobility, and a pain-free life) far outweighed the cost. I think we all come to a place in our own hero's journey where we are in enough pain to take a leap of faith and try something new. This was the healthy alternative to a life long trip of being in and out of doctors offices, surgeries and beyond all resulting in empty promises of change. It's a subtle change but this work has helped me build a long term sustainable foundation for my health and that was worth it to me. My posture was better, my mood was better, I had immense amounts of hope where there was none previously and I was able to start being active in a way that was sustainable and healthy."

Sarah Rugh, client

"What I really appreciate about this program is that you always direct us back to our own wisdom. I didn’t realize how out of tune I was with my body until you came into my life. With your practices… I have noticed that there is much more happening, there’s much more movement… I can notice things much more, I can notice where my stomach is, I can hear the noises inside my body, and until a year ago, I didn’t even know I had a hernia. The pain was swallowing me for years, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I started looking for healing from the hernia, but the hernia is much more than just a hernia, it is this area that is not breathing properly, lots of emotional problems in one disease."

Giselle de Avellar, Nerve Apprenticeship Student

I've been talking a lot about this program. Like, every week it comes up and how much I'm getting out of it. When I signed up, I had two goals. One of them was just to have more information to be able to give myself more grace as I'm working through some stuff.

And the second one was to start really tuning in and paying attention to my body and connecting to my body more. I think honestly, if I had known there were all these exercises, I probably wouldn't have signed up because I would have thought that it was too much for me. That being said, I'm glad I didn't know. And I'm glad I signed up. I would have paid double what I paid.

I haven't been doing the exercises, but what I'm noticing is that I've gotten both of the things that I wanted coming into this. I have been paying more attention to my body. I am getting more than I expected from this program, even without doing the exercises.

There's so much richness here, even without them, like, just showing up for the modules, just showing up for the community sessions and knowing that we have access to go back and do those other things later is just, it's just been really lovely for me.

Kelly Renée Stoneham, Neuro Coach

Apply For The Nerve Apprenticeship



Yay! You're applying! We're excited that you're excited and we can't wait to review your application for the Nerve Apprenticeship. This work is intense! And we want to know that you're here for it. In order to protect the integrity of our community, we only accept applicants who align with our values and show a demonstrated commitment to healing work. This application allows us to get to know you a little bit. Share as much as you can! This is your chance to let us know why this work is important to you as well as why you believe the Nerve Apprenticeship is an ideal fit.