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There was a child who wanted to

delight in the joy of being alive.

But she was told that having a flat belly is more important than breathing deeply.

That being small is the only way to avoid punishment.

That shrinking is the same as being good.

She was told all the things she should be and all the things she should not be.

The list of rules was long and ever changing; trying to find terra firma in the cultural sea of demands required nimble footwork and contortionist-like abilities.

Which she, as a mere mortal, did not possess.

And so she conformed by doing the only thing she could - by pulling herself small from the inside.

By reducing her footprint in this world, tamping her voice, squeezing her emotions down.

Until, one day, deep in the quiet reaches of the darkness when even the birds are dreaming their midnight escapades in the branches of the trees outside her window, a hushed voice whispered from some far-off locked chamber in her heart, “Is this really all there is?”

And behind that question comes a torrent of worry and wonder.

Of puzzling over why she's here, what it’s all about and what she's meant to be doing in the world. 

And thus begins the seeking, the pulling out and examining of all the evidence, a forensic investigation into who she is at her core, at her essence.

An inquiry into what she actually wants.

Because this?

The constant treadmill of trying to get it all right, doing all the things she should do but ultimately feeling empty in her core?

Isn’t her. 

And it isn't you, either.

Maybe this is your story, too?

Somewhere, you - the joyful, curious, explorative you, the one who believed in the impossible - got lost.

Squeezed too small. Shoved into a corner.

And there she sits, biding her time until the day you release her once more into the world.

You’ve worked at untangling the stories, talking it out, examining the patterns from every angle.

Of course you have. You’re a smart, curious human.

At some point in your life, you were told who you should be.

That you must hold back, make yourself small, be dainty and demure, pleasing to the eye.

Or, to be a go-getter, fight it out with the boys, but don’t step on any toes along the way.

You mustn’t be seen as bossy and brash, you mustn’t be outspoken or make other people uncomfortable.

You must, at all times, make it look effortless to spin sixteen plates in the air while balancing a beach ball on your nose and waltzing on a treadmill (because you’ve got to get those 10,000 steps in today, after all).

You were told that you have too much to say, that you speak it too loudly.

That you feel too keenly, too deeply.

That you’re too emotional (and emotions make other people uncomfortable; see above for applicable rules).

That your wide-open shoulders and shimmy-shake strut are just too exuberant.

And you might have reached greater levels of understanding. You might know your history - your story - through and through.

Yet that feeling of total self assurance, the sense that yes, you deserve to own the space inside your skin (and your life) eludes you.

Now is the time to change that.

To untame that body of yours.

To shake off the cultural shackles, to figure out who you want to be.

Imagine a world in which you could own your space without apology.


  • Sleeping peacefully, waking up refreshed and eager to take on the day with vigor.
  • Finally feeling safe inside your body.
  • Regularly being more present and connected with your self.
  • Experiencing yourself in rich new ways.
  • Loving yourself -- not just telling yourself that you do, but actually feeling love for yourself.
  • Finally releasing blocked emotions and trauma stored in the body so you are free to live your life.
  • Deepening your work with clients to create consistently magical results.
  • Feeling fucking alive.

It’s time to claim your space - in your body, in your life, in the world.




the portal is opening


Find An Awakening Within Yourself

The Nerve Apprenticeship an immersive embodiment experience for coaches, healers and those who are looking to enhance their mind-body connection, improve presence in and awareness of their physical selves and get to the root of issues such as stored trauma and blocked emotions in the body.

"This program has been a game changer for me. As I navigate my way through the material, I sense an awakening within me.

As one who has been dissociated most of my life, I have had difficulty maintaining a full awareness of myself in all circumstances. I now have found portals that aid me in staying present to and experiencing myself in rich new ways.

This is an extraordinary experience. The work we do permeates and awakens my entire being gently, yet insistently. Sukie’s kind and non-judgmental approach sets one at ease and invites one to open to receive the information being offered.

It is a beautiful and astounding process, and have recommended the course to many friends."

Patricia O'Neill

Alexander Technique Teacher

Professor of Voice Emeritus

"I think the information is so incredibly helpful and a viewpoint that I have NEVER been able to conceptualize, let alone implement within myself or with clients.

It is actually astonishing, because I have always been so intertwined with my physical self as an athlete and also as someone that works professionally with the body, but now realize, I have always been so disassociated with the connection of cognition/nervous system and the felt sense/embodied experience at the same time. 

I'm so excited to be able to take myself and my work to a whole new level with this program."

Dr. Lauren DeCicco

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Imagine The Magic You Could Wield If You Had Access To...


12 stages of sensory embodiment healing with integrated coaching and embodiment practices.


An alliance of like-minded healing magicians who amplify each other's growth and healing.


Discover the alchemy behind deep personal transformation so you can apply it with flexibility to any modality, methodology or problem.


Lifetime access to the self-paced curriculum so you never feel pressured by a timeline to mastery.


A growing compendium of healing wisdom from experts in diverse sectors.


All healers who have completed the full Nerve Apprenticeship training are eligible to be listed in our practitioner directory.


A safe place for all healing magicians who believe in diversity and inclusion.

About Your Guide

I’m Sukie Baxter and I’m an Embodiment Coach with more than fifteen years of experience working with clients to help them release pain and trauma from their bodies — and their hearts.

Like you, I came into healing work as part of my own journey. Years ago, I stumbled into a bodywork session that had a massive impact on my mental and emotional health, and I was hooked. That one session sent me on an almost two-decade journey to understand who we are as humans, why we hold onto stress and trauma, and -- most importantly -- how we change.

Fast forward to today, I help coaches and healers learn and embody the principles for neurobiological change so that they can get consistently magical client results.


"Sukie is a unique blend of being completely knowledgeable and nerdy about how what we hold in our bodies affects our life, while also bringing magic and easy to understand communication.

As an executive coach I am always interested in understanding more ways to support my clients and I often stop engaging with content if what I am learning is to text book speak or if it is too woo woo.

Sukie blends all of it into a format that is easy to digest and fun to engage with. If you are looking for a different conversation about healing, Sukie is your coach."

Sarah Schneider

Executive Coach




The Neurobiology of Worthiness

We'll look at the biology of safety, dignity and connection, how we get stuck in unhealthy neural patterns and why they're so hard to change even when we want to.

  • How we become who we are
  • What is our relationship to change?
  • Why worthiness is a basic human need
  • How shifting who we are can seem to threaten our survival
  • Why we might prevent ourselves from healing


Clearing Out The Clutter

We'll cover the science of how your body stores stress and trauma and learn body-based processes for discharging blocked emotions in the nervous system.

  • Where do thoughts come from?
  • What is the impact of toxic positivity in mental and physical health?
  • How your body stores negative emotions
  • Why it is imperative to provide expressive outlets for all emotions


Developing Sensory Skills

Learn the difference between felt sense and emotional feeling (and why this is crucial for whole person healing). Develop the skill of sensory tracking that foundational for nervous system healing.

  • Why we need sensory skills
  • How to employ sensory language
  • What is the difference between “felt sense” and “emotions”?
  • How to connect to your own felt sense and develop sensory skills
  • Why numbness is good information


Rally Your Resources

Learn why resources are essential for developing a felt sense of safety and how to switch your nervous system from an activated to a resting state. Discover which resources are available and effective for you.

  • How the body’s stress response works
  • Where trauma originates and how your body stores it
  • Tools for calming your nervous system when it’s activated
  • Practices for discharging stored stress in your body


Exhale Your Emotions

Learn how to work with your breath to release nervous system stress, blocked emotions and stored traumas in your body. Use exploratory breath practices to find your own internal restrictions.

  • The anatomy and function of breathing
  • Why breathing is a powerful tool to influence autonomic state
  • How breathing both impacts and is impacted by stress
  • Why breathing links physical and emotional balance
  • The connection between breath and trauma


Reflect and Revisit

For pausing, settling in, assessing any holes or gaps in your progress and reviewing any material that was particularly potent.

  • Integrate and iterate your experience
  • Track progress and identify gaps in learning


Ground Support In Your Cells

Discover your triggers and how not to become ungrounded by embodying support in your nervous system. Discharge the fight or flight response frozen in your muscles.

  • What it means to “get grounded”
  • The anatomy of grounding
  • How to cultivate embodied support
  • Presence as the ability to relate both internally and externally simultaneously
  • How fight/flight/freeze can affect muscle tension in the feet and lower legs


Free Your Core

Explore stress and trauma stored in your deep core that results in locked up muscles, back pain, digestive issues, pelvic floor problems and feelings of anxiety.

  • The definition of core
  • The core as a resilient rather than rigid structure
  • The source of your vital life force
  • Decolonizing the core
  • The relationship between emotions and the core


Infuse Desire Into Your Cells

Reconnect with joy and passion in your life. Make the switch from extrinsic to intrinsic motivation in order to prevent future dysregulation in your nervous system.

  • Desire as a force that shapes your body
  • The connection between desire and motivation
  • How desire connects us to ourselves and to the world
  • Why “follow your heart” is more than just metaphorical advice
  • How desire frozen in your body can make you feel frozen in life


Enter Into The World

Explore your nervous system activation patterns as you take them out in the world. How does your nervous system respond to a changing environment and connecting with other people? What triggers and resources do you uncover?

  • How our arms link us to action in the world
  • The heart to world connection that travels to your hands
  • How the movement of your arms impacts emotional experience
  • Touch as a dialogue
  • Your arms as a medium for agency

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Playing With Power

Learn how certain postures and movement boost positive brain chemistry. Explore Power Moves as an embodied way to reclaim lost power and further discharge trauma from your nervous system.

  • Our relationship with power
  • Healthy aggression as a biological need
  • The connection between anger and the freeze response
  • Toxic positivity as an oppressive force
  • Titrating the release of frozen aggression


Putting The Pieces Together

Learning how everything you've covered so far inside the Nerve Apprenticeship fits together into a principle-based healing protocol.

  • Integrating comprehension
  • Creating an ongoing plan for moving forward with healing

The Path Will Support You Once You Are On It



"There have been some events, like these past 2 weeks, that I really believe if I hadn’t been doing the exercises, I would be in a much different place… I could feel the activation starting… but it came to a wall.

Whereas before it would have affected me for weeks, or made me sick to my stomach… I came down pretty quickly, and I slept, there was no insomnia, where as before, in the same  situations it would have been much different. This is not a fluke; this is for real. What you do is truly priceless and NEEDED."

Erin O'Donnell

Nerve Student

The Nerve Apprenticeship

Let's make magic together!*

*Wand not required. Unicorn optional.


"The greatest surprise was that I really started to heal and free myself. I came for the tools and techniques, and stayed for the happiness during the apprenticeship and somatic explorations. And also for the kind people and the 'less is more' approach. And the journey has not finished."


Nerve Student

The investment for the Nerve Apprenticeship is $4,000 and grants you the following:

Nerve Core Curriculum

12 modules of self-paced sensory embodiment Study Sessions alongside more than 40 practices and exercises to ground neuro-plastic healing into your cells.

Ongoing Access to Live Mentorship And Guidance

Coaches conduct regular live community gatherings where you can ask questions and get support for your own journey as well as strategies for implementing these tools in your unique practice.

Growing Compendium of Healing Wisdom

More than 50 hours of valuable healing wisdom with topics spanning trauma healing, releasing blocked emotions from the body, plantar fasciitis, post surgical recovery, chronic pain, fear and panic, chronic illness, practical application of nervous system approaches, autism and sensory processing, how to become who you really are and SO. MUCH. MORE!

Neural Alchemy Training

A repeatable ritual for nervous system transfiguration that can be applied to any type of client session (group, individual, virtual, in person, etc) independent of modality to achieve consistent client transformations.

Nerve Resiliency Spectrum Training

This training provides a key to decipher the healing process and is an excellent resource for those who are stuck or work with people who are stuck on their healing journey despite knowing and doing All The Things™. We cover the various levels or zones of resilience, how they relate to a person's real-world lived experience, how to get people the right resources at the right time and the best strategies for increasing nervous system resilience based on where a person is at in this particular moment.

Autism And Sensory Processing Disorder Training

Presented by queer, autistic sexuality educator Jack Duroc-Danner (they/them he/him), this class addresses the question of autism, and provides a deep dive into the senses and sensory processing disorder. Jack has been working as a sexuality educator and autism advocate with therapists, professionals and parents or caregivers for four years.

Optional Listing In The Practitioner Directory

We get weekly requests for practitioners who are versed in our methods. Every practitioner who completes the full Nerve Apprenticeship is eligible to be listed in our practitioner directory which is available for public viewing to our audience of 300,000 people (and growing). This alone can fill your practice!

Forever Access To An Alliance Of Like-Minded Healing Magicians

"Sukie does a phenomenal job of explaining complex topics in a way that makes sense."

Tim Ringgold

Speaker, Author & Music Therapist

"I would recommend this apprenticeship to others because it's a fantastic journey in the body and the nervous system and it can be full of surprises."


Nerve Student



How long is the Nerve Apprenticeship?

The curriculum consists of twelve modules and students receive lifetime access to the material -- including all future updates -- as well as the community. (To clarify, that's the Apprenticeship's lifetime, not yours.)

How much does the Nerve Apprenticeship Cost?


Is there a payment plan available?

We do not offer a payment plan at this time.

I can't afford the Nerve Apprenticeship. Do you have another option?

If you are not yet ready to commit to the healing journey within the Nerve Apprenticeship, we invite you to make use of our YouTube channel and the Pain Free At Any Age video series. We'll see you inside the Apprenticeship when you're ready!

What is the time commitment?

The Nerve Apprenticeship is self-paced, and while the amount of time you commit to your sensory embodiment learning is ultimately up to you, we recommend dedicating about four hours per week to the Nerve Apprenticeship.

What's included in the Nerve Apprenticeship?

A complete breakdown of the Apprenticeship curriculum is available on this page (above). In addition to the twelve modules outlined, students have access to a private online community, a growing library of healing wisdom, and ongoing support from our coaches for practical application so the knowledge won't just sit there in your brain without getting implemented.

How can I know if the Nerve Apprenticeship is right for me?

The Nerve Apprenticeship is for coaches, healers and those who already have many tools and pieces of knowledge, and who are seeking more depth of understanding as to how a person's embodied experience shapes their life.

Many students come to this program having learned and tried a variety of methods and modalities that almost got them to where they wanted to be but ultimately felt something was missing.

Some of our healers also share that they have felt somewhat isolated in their endeavors to bring their work into the world and are looking for an alliance of like-minded healing magicians.

If you feel called to this work, then there is a good chance that the Nerve Apprenticeship is a fit for you. We invite you to enroll and join us on this journey.

What if I'm not a healer? Can I still join?

We have several students who have joined for a personal healing experience and are not professionals themselves. You do not have to be a healing professional to enroll, but we ask that you enter into this work with a professional-level commitment.

While the Nerve Apprenticeship is structured for coaches and healers, it is first and foremost a personal journey. If you feel that this Apprenticeship would be a good place for you to cultivate your magic, we encourage you to enroll.

Is the Nerve Apprenticeship Online?

The Apprenticeship is conducted entirely virtually and accessible from anywhere in the world -- no need to travel (by broom or otherwise) to attend classes.

What is your No-Backsies Policy?

No-Backsies means once you're in, you're in. We do not offer refunds on the Nerve Apprenticeship. This is designed to hold you (and us!) accountable to your commitment to healing -- we can't commit to you unless you commit to you.

Over the years, we have found that when dealing with deep nervous system rewiring, many people become subconsciously triggered and use avoidance of the work -- being too busy cleansing their crystals and mending their brooms, for example -- as a way to escape the uncomfortable process of healing.

The No Backsies policy helps you to be absolutely sure that this is the program and we are the people for you before you make your decision.

Every body tells a story...

...what will yours be?


"I've been talking a lot about this program. Like, every week it comes up and how much I'm getting out of it.

When I signed up, I had two goals. One of them was just to have more information to be able to give myself more grace as I'm working through some stuff.

And the second one was to start really tuning in and paying attention to my body and connecting to my body more. I think honestly, if I had known there were all these exercises, I probably wouldn't have signed up because I would have thought that it was too much for me.

That being said, I'm glad I didn't know. And I'm glad I signed up. I would have paid double what I paid.
I haven't been doing the exercises, but what I'm noticing is that I've gotten both of the things that I wanted coming into this. I have been paying more attention to my body. I am getting more than I expected from this program, even without doing the exercises.

There's so much richness here, even without them, like, just showing up for the modules, just showing up for the community sessions and knowing that we have access to go back and do those other things later is just, it's just been really lovely for me."

Kelly Renée Stoneham
Neuro Coach & Nerve Student

"This essentially for me was training on connecting to my heart, my soul, my body and being present.

Any time I went into a session with Sukie, just her presence and her comfortableness with the uncomfortable immediately created a safe place for me. It was like my body knew we were in a place where now it had a voice, and it had a safe space to be able to talk to me. And I felt safe enough and acknowledged enough to experiment with learning how to speak with my body and learning how to listen with my body.

Any time that Sukie would ask a question and then pause and ask a deeper question, I got to experience listening to myself on a deeper level. It felt good to have that reassurance and that coaching in learning how to talk with my body and connect with my heart and my soul and my mind and connect them all together.

Just being able to be mentally, physically, and spiritually in your body and be present with yourself and in the surrounding space that you're in inherently provides a confidence that is unquestioned --like, you're claiming your space.

I have a certainty about where I'm going and what I'm doing."

Sarah Rugh

"Sukie Baxter is a woman with an incredible heart and wisdom beyond her years. She has an amazing ability to focus entirely on the person she is with, listen carefully to him or her and respond in a way that encourages confidence and growth.

I was not surprised to find my body responding quickly and positively. What did surprise me, however, was my mental response.

Not only did I become completely relaxed and calm during my session, but I found myself much more present and accepting of myself. Being around Sukie makes me want to be a better person. I would recommend her to anyone I know."

Coventry Jankowski

"What I really appreciate about this program is that you always direct us back to our own wisdom.

I didn’t realize how out of tune I was with my body until you came into my life. With your practices, I have noticed that there is much more happening, there’s much more movement.

I can notice things much more, I can notice where my stomach is, I can hear the noises inside my body, and until a year ago, I didn’t even know I had a hernia.

The pain was swallowing me for years, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I started looking for healing from the hernia, but the hernia is much more than just a hernia, it is this area that is not breathing properly, lots of emotional problems in one disease."

Giselle De Avellar
Nerve Student